Summer Goals with my Best Friends (Day 1)

Let me help you plan out your summer goals with your best friends since summer is fast approaching! Yey!

My best friends and I went to Laiya, Batangas last April of 2015. We had an overnight stay at Les Caraibes Beach Resort in Brgy. Hugom.

How to commute to Laiya, Batangas from Metro Manila?

Easiest way is via San Juan, Batangas. Go to ALPS Bus Terminal Station in Nepa-Q Mart and you’ll find a bus going there directly and once you reach the ALPS Bus Terminal station in San Juan, there are tricycle drivers awaiting to bring you to Laiya, Batangas.
*Bus Fare – 190PHP
*Tricycle Fare – 350PHP(but you can haggle and ask them if 300PHP is okay)

Off we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Our bus left at 8:30AM and we arrived at the resort at around 1:30PM. 5 hours travel time in total.

Why hello beach!
The resort.

Here’s the view from our room. Sorry, I wasn’t able to take decent photos of the room. But let me tell you something about the room. We picked their air-conditioned cluster room. It has a queen-sized bed and 3 double-decks. Beds are made of bamboo. So basically, the room is good for 7-8 people. It was clean and it was decent but it could be better. It came with a hot/cold shower. Free use of towels. Flat screen 19″ TV. But I didn’t trust the cabinet so we didn’t put anything in there. Hahaha! The toilet is okay. I would rate the room 6/10 just because it could have been better considering the price. We got the room for 4250PHP. Kinda pricey but according to MY research back then, they had the cheapest rate since it was peak season. They are cheap though during off-season because I went back here with my family last December 31, 2015(I’ll be creating a separate post about that anytime soon).

Pork Binagoongan

My favorite thing about them is the FOOOOOOOOOOOD. I would love to meet their cook because their FOOD IS THE BOMB. It’s so yummy! They have a wide range selection of food too. We ordered pork binagoongan. I think we paid 235PHP for this but it was already good for 2-3 people. I suggest you bring your own water because their bottled water is kinda pricey. 20php for a small bottle. The staff are really nice and accommodating too! That’s what I love about Les Caraibes Resort! 🙂



First thing we did after eating and taking a wee bit of rest is go to the beach activities area and do FLYING FISH! I don’t have photos of us doing it but I will show you a picture below of what it is so you have an idea.

Just took it off Google. Credits to whoever owns this. 

Basically you will ride this boat shaped like a kite. It has a rubber handle to hold on to. It is connected to a jet ski for it to run and fly! Hahaha I suck at explaining how it works. It was fun but it was super duper scaaaaaaaaryyyyyyyyyyy. All I was thinking was I can’t fall. I can’t. I can’t because I have my contact lenses on and I just caaaaaaan’t. Hahaha! You’re probably thinking why I have my contacts on.. Well, apparently, I am blind. I can’t wear my glasses either because it would definitely fall off and if I don’t wear any of those, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy because I won’t see the scenery. But why am I explaining anyways? Lol. So going back. It was fun. It lasted for 15 minutes. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. Even more so special because I did it with my best friends. We won’t stop shouting out of fear and happiness both at the same time. Haha. It was a good kind of scary though. I’m glad I did it ’cause I almost didn’t. Thanks to my friends for pretending they’re mad because I was trying to back out off it. Hahaha! It is good for 6 people though and it’s for 2,500PHP. YES, HELLA PRICEY BUT WORTH IT!(Basta dapat hindi ka madali ma-fall! #hugot)

Banana boat with two good strangers!

After the terrifying FLYING FISH, we went down to something less terrifying. Hahaha. The banana boat! Obviously, it is shaped like a banana. It is almost the same thing with the flying fish only this doesn’t go upwards. I enjoyed this one a lot. Kinda scary but tolerable. This is good for 6 people too and it’s for 1,500PHP only. I think it lasted for 15 minutes too. My hands and my knees were shaking like crazy as we walk back to our resort! OMG.


We went ahead and enjoyed the beach for a couple of minutes and cooked our food for dinner. The resort lend us a griller.

Bonfire + Marshmallows!
Played In-Between before sleeping!

This trip made our friendship stronger! It is something we always look back to every time we see each other. Just being with them makes me forget about all my worries in life.

We island hopped as well the next day but I will be doing a separate blog post for that! I will be including the break down of expenses there too so please stay tuned! 🙂

Off my bucket list are:
✓Travel with my best friends!
✓Do something that scares the hell outta you! (flying fish + banana boat)
✓Roast marshmallows in a bonfire!


What about you? When was the last time you did something for the first time whether you’re alone or with your friends? Share it with me on the comment section below. 🙂 I would love to read it!



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