How To Live A Happy Life?

(c) Rachelle Annewor


I was on leave for work last Friday because my friend and I planned an overnight trip to Candelaria, Zambales but before storming away from the office, I heard a bad news. I was crying about it inside the cab as we head to the bus terminal. During our 8 hours of travel, it was all I was thinking about. (I will be blogging about that trip really soon.)

We went to the beach at around 5PM to take silhouette photos. After taking tons of photos, we sat quietly and watched the sun set and that was when I realized that I am and have always been the culprit behind my troubles because I react to problems in a destructive way.

I realized that in order for us to live a happy life, we have to stop worrying too much. Let God handle what we can’t. We have to stop overthinking things because it creates a whole new problem that wasn’t even existing in the first place. We need to have faith and we have to trust that God is working on our lives and He’s not gonna give us something we can’t overcome because He’s fighting our battles with and for us.

Have a blessed Sunday! You are loved and everything will be okay.


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