Summer Goals with my Best Friends (Day 2)

We have no actual plans for our second day. We were just roaming around the beach side, fresh from the shower, taking selfies, saddened by the thought that we’re heading home in a few hours, when a few bangkeros approached us and asked if we would like to go on an island hopping. We sat still in a few minutes, thinking and calculating our money then I said, “Tara go. Lubusin na natin ‘to.”

So we did.

It took us 30 minutes to reach “Lamesang Bato”. The sand was whiter here compare to Laiya. The reason why it’s called Lamesang Bato is because of the huge stone shaped like a plate. See the photo below. 

It was more peaceful here because we had the island alone to ourselves. No noise. Just the chirping of the birds. There were only trees and waves and clouds and no troubles. We stayed here for a good 30 minutes, I guess, because we were running out of time. Our check-out was 12nn and as far as I could remember, we decided to go island hopping a few minutes before 10am.


The island hopping cost us 1800PHP + 100pesos(they said it was for the entrance fee to the island but I’m not entirely sure if it really was hehe) They offered us a FREE quick snorkeling. They said it usually costs 2500 for island hopping with snorkeling. My friends must have charmed them. Lol.

I didn’t snorkel though because I had my contact lenses on and I didn’t bring my case and solution with me because this wasn’t a part of the plan. But I was happy just  peacefully sitting there in the middle of the sea, breathing the freshest air I have ever breathed, watching the busy shore of Laiya from afar, seeing my best friends’ scared but happy faces as they dip themselves in the water.


It was such a fun activity! Yes, it was kind of expensive but I think if you’re big group unlike ours, it would be fine. It was worth it anyways! Batangeños are super kind too! That’s what I loved about this trip!

Breakdown of expenses for the whole trip:
Fare(per person)
Bus – 190php (one way)
Tricycle – 117php (350pesos for a group of 3) – one way
Accommodation – 4250php (for a room good for 4. it was peak season that’s why the price is sky high but believe they’re the cheapest already if you’re gonna go here during summer. Also, they don’t charge corkage!)
Banana Boat – 1500php (group of 6)
Flying Fish – 2000php for (group of 6)
Island Hopping – 1900php
Food – 1500php would be good for an overnight stay for a group of 3

I think we spent roughly 5000php each but then like I said, it could go cheaper if you are a bigger group. And if you happen to be a small group like ours, try joining other group to lessen your expenses.

I know I promised you guys a budget-friendly travels but this was my first ever major travel so we didn’t really know how to budget yet. But please do stay tune on my next travel blogs because most of those cost me just around 2000php to 3000php max only! 🙂


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