Young Dreams


It has always been my heart’s desire to provide shelter and food to stray animals, elder people and kids who are homeless and vagrant. It breaks my heart when I see old people lying around the streets. They deserve to sleep peacefully and without worries whether it would rain or not. It breaks my heart to see kids asking for money, selling things in the middle of moving cars and risking their lives when they are supposed to be wearing uniform, holding books and attending school. It breaks my heart when I see dogs/cats on the streets searching for food because they deserve to be taken care of.

Ever since I was young, I would always dream of having my own house then having 2 separate houses beside mine. One for my relatives who need help and another one for the elder people, kids and dogs without family.

I hope I could tell them that there is someone who is trying her very best to succeed in life so she can help them have the life they deserve. I know God will help me turn this dream into reality.

When I was younger, I thought it would be easy but clearly, it wasn’t. For now, I could only pray for them. I pray that this country gets to have a leader who has a passion for people and a passion to help. We need a leader who is confidently wise with a heart.


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