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Maybe you don’t always end up working for the company you’ve imagined working at ever since you were a kid. Maybe the profession you’re passionate about can’t pay your bills. Maybe life doesn’t always go how you’ve wanted it to be. Maybe you have to learn how to love the work you don’t like because it can give you a good life and just find time to do what you “actually” love.

I’ve always dreamt of a job that is related to travelling and photography/filmography with a bit of literature. I know it’s not impossible but it’s just not practical for me. Guess what? I ended up having a job that requires me to stay in one place and face a computer for 9 hours and do it all over again 5 times a week. (I do appreciate my job, don’t get me wrong.)

Life doesn’t always go as planned, believe me. Before you take off from college, you have this feeling that your life will turn out exactly how you’ve pictured it out when you were 16 years old but honey, most of the time, it doesn’t. Everyone had to learn that the hard way.

I know how it feels to do something you don’t want. It’s 10 times harder to get up from bed. I know how heart-breaking it gets to not be able to do what you love because it doesn’t pay enough but it doesn’t mean you can’t to do it without earning, at the same time. You can get a job that can support your needs and allot yourself a specific time, maybe your Saturdays or your PTO, to do what your heart beats for. And learn how to get used to that set-up.

Life is easy. We’re the only ones who complicate it. Life requires a lot of adjustments and acceptance.


2 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. You’re still young, you still have a lot of time to do what your heart desires the most. We may not see it immediately but God always has plans for us, we just need to discover and appreciate what we have right now.

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