An Open Letter To An Old Friend of Mine

I used to know the sound of your laugh and the smell of your fart. We used to chat every night and laugh our asses off over random funny videos and or ugly photos of our common friends that we share to each other. We used to watch movies together. We used to pig out together.

You were the only guy I ever felt comfortable with. I could be myself when I’m around you and you understood the flawed side of me. You didn’t care if I fart or burp or do whatever weird stuff I do. You laugh it off and you still accepted me despite all that. Sorry, I meant you “used to”.

I used to ask so many questions like how and why it happened. Honestly, I used to be so mad at you. I can’t believe that of all people, you will be the one to have the nerve to ditch me off your life. I kept thinking if it was because of something that I had said or done? If I unknowingly hurt your feelings? I wanted to bombard you with thousands of questions but I realized, it’s not gonna make any more sense because you have already decided to walk out of my life.

I used to miss everything about you but I don’t know you anymore. You’re a complete stranger to me now. I still wish you the best, though. I just don’t think we could ever pick up where we left off.


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