Before you go hunting for a prince charming, you gotta treat yourself like a princess first so you know how you’re supposed to be treated. You gotta be the first one to love yourself and you have to teach yourself how to be happy as a single person because it will make you a more secure individual. If you are constantly looking for someone to make you happy, you’re gonna find yourself constantly crying every night out of frustration.
You don’t depend your happiness to other people, as cliché as it may sound. A man or a woman will just add colors to your life and not bring you the crayons because the moment they’re gone, you’ll be black and white. Believe me, you’ll be left empty.
Go buy yourself an ice cream or dress up real nice and date yourself for yourself.



I am working on a lot of things right now. I’ve written down all the things I am going to write about on my blog and I’ve come up with a video concept for my upcoming Ilocos tour.

Today, I decided to follow my heart. They often say, do what your heart desires and this is what I am doing. I used to be so frustrated about the fact that my passion won’t pay for my bills but now, it doesn’t matter anymore. I realized it’s just a matter of time management. I have an office job that pays enough to feed me but I have to find time to do what I love because I have to feed my soul and my heart too(which my office job can’t do).

It doesn’t matter if I am not earning anything from doing what I love because I am gaining so much more. It makes me happy and it keeps me going. Maybe one day, if it’s God’s will, my passion will be able to provide for my earthly needs.I am just so happy I am back on my feet and have rekindle the fire that has burnt out. I’ve never been this excited and inspired for such a long time.

Besides, dreams come true to those who work hard for it. Dreams are truly hard to get but you will not get anywhere if you don’t take steps closer to it. It will always be where it has always been and you’re the one who has to move to get it.

How Did I Celebrate My 21st Birthday? 

May 10, 2016, the day I turned 21 and felt like I just turned 18. I totes felt like a princess that day. Kudos to my best friends Jamie and Marie for pulling up a successful surprise!

The last time I was surprised on my birthday was when I was 17. My High School best friends gave me a guitar and two of them told me they wouldn’t make it but they did and they handed me a pink guitar and a cupcake!

Anyway, I will part my birthday celebration into three sections since I celebrated with different sets of people. I have many lovers, you know. Haha jk!


We hang out at Robinsons Magnolia on May 8th since we all have work and they wouldn’t make it on the exact day of my birthday. They went all the way to Robinsons Magnolia from Cavite and Novaliches just to spend roughly 6 hours with me! Ugh

We ate at Gumbo Restaurant. We ordered seafood paella and pizza. We didn’t like the bleu cheese though. It tastes and smells weird! But the pizza is goooooood. Just without the bleu cheese. And of course, we took a ton of selfies and made fun of some of our High School classmates. Lol! Just like the old times…


I have work on May 9 and my shift was from 8AM of May 9th until 5Am of May 10th so technically, I welcomed my 21st birthday in the office. How sad is that? But nope. My workmates didn’t make me feel sad about it because a few minutes after 12 midnight, they sang a “Happy Birthday” to me and gave me a cake, balloons, and a bouquet of roses!

I was so happy and touched!!!!!! I bought pancit and we ate at our lunch time before I went home. 🙂


I found this condo unit in Airbnb and I decided to rent it for my birthday because I wanna go swimming and I don’t wanna hassle myself and my family and friends of going all the way to the resort, cooking and bla bla blaaa. Our check-in was at 2pm and check out was at 12nn tomorrow, May 11. It’s kinda like booking a hotel room except it’s a condo and you can cook! Yay!


Ate Mhadz(she’s a workmate of mine too) and I were the one on the right side, and I were the first ones to arrive because she cooked afritada for us. It was so yummy, you guys!!

So she was cooking and I was posting photos on facebook and texting with my best friend, Jamie and my lola. I was telling them where the condo is bla bla bla. I was actually pissed off at this time because my best friend, Jamie couldn’t reach our other best friend, Marie on the phone. So I told her to go already. So I was kind of expecting they’d arrive by night time. Then all of a sudden, Ate Mhadz told me that there is someone knocking on the door and she doesn’t wanna open it because she’s scared. And since I am a scaredy cat myself, I didn’t wanna open it either. I kept asking, “Sino yan?(who’s this in english)” and no one was answering. I was really scared because I have all these horror movies going on inside my head but I decided to just open it and I saw nothing. But after a few seconds, my best friends, Jamie and Marie showed up with flowers and balloons and cupcakes!!!! I was so surprised and so happyyyyyy!

You know what was funny? Jamie, the one (the left side of the photo below) cried when she was the one surprising me. Hahaha! I swear I felt like a princess! I was so happy I couldn’t contain it!!! I ended up slapping the balloons out of happiness and excitement to see them both arrive early! Hahaha. Here’s the video of the surprise if you’re interested to see it. Lol!

My lola, my brother and his girl friend arrived past 7PM. They brought a cake and a pizza and calzone from Yellow Cab! Yaaay pizzaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


We went down for a dip at 9PM because the pool will close by 10PM. It was so much fun! I had the best night of my life!

In the morning, my brother and his girlfriend went for a dip but my best friends and I didn’t because Sea Residences Pool Policy sucks! I’ll blog about it next time. I will make a review of this condo. I am not happy! Lol!


 There yah go. That’s how I celebrated my 21st birthday. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such amazing people. I couldn’t have it any other way. I am stoked to be 21! My wishes are very simple. I just want myself and my loved ones to be happy, content, always safe and healthy. I am not wishing for anything because I don’t want my life to run my way. I want it to run by God’s way. So whatever His will is for my life, so be it. 🙂