I am working on a lot of things right now. I’ve written down all the things I am going to write about on my blog and I’ve come up with a video concept for my upcoming Ilocos tour.

Today, I decided to follow my heart. They often say, do what your heart desires and this is what I am doing. I used to be so frustrated about the fact that my passion won’t pay for my bills but now, it doesn’t matter anymore. I realized it’s just a matter of time management. I have an office job that pays enough to feed me but I have to find time to do what I love because I have to feed my soul and my heart too(which my office job can’t do).

It doesn’t matter if I am not earning anything from doing what I love because I am gaining so much more. It makes me happy and it keeps me going. Maybe one day, if it’s God’s will, my passion will be able to provide for my earthly needs.I am just so happy I am back on my feet and have rekindle the fire that has burnt out. I’ve never been this excited and inspired for such a long time.

Besides, dreams come true to those who work hard for it. Dreams are truly hard to get but you will not get anywhere if you don’t take steps closer to it. It will always be where it has always been and you’re the one who has to move to get it.



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