Rating: 9/10

I saw the movie adaptation of Me Before You yesterday with my girlfriends. I loved the book so much so I really had a sky high expectation from the movie. I wanted my imagination to finally turn into reality.

Now let me explain why my rating is 9 out of 10. It’s because I was expecting to see the “Maze” part from the book. If you recall, Wil made Louisa get into the maze alone and Wil come rescuing her like a knight in shining wheelchair when she started crying and shouting Wil’s name. It was my favorite part because I think that’s where they really hit it off, you know. When they started opening up to each other after that, there was intimacy because they got to know each other’s deepest secrets. That part means so much to me and it made me sad that they didn’t show it in the movie.

The movie adaptation was good because it was almost exactly how I imagined it. They made a few alteration in the movie but it was pretty much the book, really.

If you haven’t read the book, you should go see it. It’s worth it. Emilia and Sam did a pretty good job on portraying their characters. But for me who have read the book, I’d rather go watch the trailer over and over again because it was pretty much the whole movie too. Thank God they didn’t ruin my imagination. A bit similar to what I have in mind but how I pictured it in my head is way better than the movie. Hahaha! 




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