Barkada DIY Outing to Ilocos (Part 1)

So…. this happened. Hindi namin dinrawing ang napagplanuhang Ilocos Trip! Originally, it was supposed to be a Baguio – Vigan – Pagudpud trip but we’re not gonna make the most of our 3-day trip because it will just be plain traveling on the road. We decided to do this on our own. We didn’t want to get a tour package because them bitche$ don’t want to be controlled. Lol.

I’ve been planning this for almost a year. We talked about this over a couple of drinks when we all went on a night-out some time last year. I have always been the one who plans trips or get-together and I didn’t realize it was 10 times harder to plan a trip consisting of 10 people. The amount of stress I had to deal with is no joke but IT WAS WORTH IT. 

We met at Araneta Center Cubao. Our call time was at 3AM sharp but we left at 4AM because ~*Filipino Time*~. It’s always best to adjust the call time an hour early when you’re meeting with Filipino folks. Lol!

Stopover @ Urdaneta 
I think it has been over 8 hours when we reached this bridge. We were all hungry but we didn’t let that stop us from taking ton of photos, of course.

Quirino Bridge, Ilocos Sur

After 10 hours of being on the road, sitting steadily on the van, we finally arrived in Vigan City! We ate in a Carinderia. We were a total of 11 persons including the driver and we spent a little over 700+ for our lunch. Cheap but deli! We ate papaitan and BBQ. 

Lunch time
Who goes to Ilocos without passing by the very famous Calle Crisologo? No one.

This is my kind of shopping place! Almost everything is so cheap although our driver said that there were other places that’s a lot cheaper compare to Calle Crisologo but we didn’t bother going there anymore because we just really wanted to arrive at our resort, take a bath, rest and eat dinner. We were tired and all sweaty and uncomfortable already.

We’ve been on the road for almost 15 hours and we’re still 2 hours away from our resort. My friends and I were cracking jokes already about how we’ve found the road to forever which is the curvy road to Pagudpud. It was peaceful to me, though. Just sitting there, looking at the beautiful view, singing along with the songs playing. We passed by this long stretch of rocky beach and the windmills. We were all amazed and it suddenly vanished our weariness away.

Such a beaut.
We arrived at the resort at around 9PM. I took this photo in the morning after. I wasn’t able to take photos of our rooms. I know. I am probably the worst travel blogger for always forgetting to take photos of the most important things. I am so sorry.

Anyway, first thing I did was take a bath and after that, I felt my head pounding. It was also a bummer that I forgot my eyeglasses at home. I am blind without it so it was a real struggle for me. I took a nap which caused me to miss our dinner and their drinking session. They saved me food, though which was really sweet. They brought to the room so it was like a dinner in bed for their queen. Just kidding! Hahaha!

The owner, Ms. Leticia was really kind and she keeps her words. She promised to give us a free extra mattress and she did. The staff was really nice too and very accommodating. Their chef even helped us with our adobong kangkong for free. Hahaha!

The only complain I have though is that the bed and pillow sheets were not as clean as I would have expected it to be. It looked like the room wasn’t used for a long time hence the yellow stains. Also, they don’t have enough parking that would be a problem during peak season.

My friend, Marie, and I were able to wake up early and witness the beauty of the beach during sunrise. It was our first time to see how the beach looked like since we arrived late at night.

I love watching the sun rise. It kind of gives you this positive vibe that everything will be okay because you are given a new chance every single day and that there is always a new beginning. I don’t know, my deep and soulful self comes out when I am close to nature.

It is so beautiful. This is the view we get from the resort. It’s a beachfront although you still have to walk but it’s only a 2-3 minutes distance. There were quite a number of people swimming but since it’s a wide beach, it’s not as crowded. We still had our own space. It was quiet. It was so peaceful. I could just stay here forever.

The most famous resort which is located right beside us offers some activities like Zipline, Jetski and Banana Boat.

Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

The beach was calm. There were no waves at all. The boys were having fun because they can swim while us, girls, were trying to keep our cool but were secretly panicking especially me. Lol.

This famous circle shot from the ground thingy is pretty hard to accomplish. Especially when the sands don’t cooperate. Look at these fat-ass people trying to fit their faces in this tiny circle.

I can’t explain how fun and happy this experience was. It just feels so good to be away from the noisy, smoky, dirty city of Manila. We are working our ass off and we definitely deserved this break.

We had our lunch at Mekeni’s. It was just right beside our resort, Agua Seda. The food was yummy and it was the cheapest cafeteria in the area. This place is perfect for a large group of people. We ordered 3 kilos of rice, adobo and sinigang na lapu-lapu and we only spent less then 1,200PHP.

There is a second part to this trip because we transferred to a different beach after this and went to a lot more tourist spots in Ilocos. I will include the expenses on the next blog post! 🙂


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