Barkada DIY Outing to Ilocos + Scary Resort? (Part 2)

As promised, I will be posting the second part within the week(which is actually supposed to be last week) so I am one day late but it’s better late than never, right?

After spending a night and a half day in Blue Lagoon, we transferred to Saud Beach. It’s roughly a 20-minute drive of distance.

Before directly heading to Saud Beach, we passed by Patapat Viaduct bridge first.

Again, we had to take photos on the bridge for proof that we’ve been here. “Pics or it didn’t happen”. Lol just kidding! Hahaha!

Aaaaand, we have arrived in Casa Victoria Beach Resort!  It’s the cheapest beach resort you’ll see online if you’re searching for a resort in Saud. I am not entirely sure if there were other beach resorts in the area with a cheaper price that doesn’t have a website but all the resorts we passed by, I was able to see on Google. 

It’s a looooong, like literally loooooooooong stretch of white sand beach. It was more peaceful and relaxing here compare to Blue Lagoon. The water is clean although there are seaweeds but they didn’t annoy me that much. The beauty of the beach made up for it.

Blue Lagoon is perfect for people who are more adventurous and seek physical activities because it has water activities like Banana Boat, Zipline etc while Saud Beach is perfect for people who just want to relax, lay down in the sand. The sand in Blue Lagoon is just as fine as the sand in Saud although in Blue Lagoon, there were big rocks on select area. The waves here are quite big but tolerable. It’s amazing how they are just a few minutes away from each other but the current of the waves are completely different from each other. You could also see the windmills from afar.

I have no words. It is so beautiful! It is, indeed, the Boracay of the North. 

My friend went through so much struggle in setting up her iPhone to have this perfect shot. Fortunately, it was a perfect shot. Look how happy we were! The waves don’t look as big in photos as they were in personal but they were really scary. Swimming through it is a real struggle too if you’re not a swimmer, I guess? Hahaha!

How could you be this beautiful?


I can’t find the perfect word to explain the happiness. It feels so good to be away from work. This is just so rewarding. I wouldn’t mind spending some of my savings to be in this same situation again.

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XL – L – M – S (if you know what I mean, lol)

I have a scary story about our room though. (This is going to be a long story so if you don’t like reading long stories, you can skip this part. Hahaha it’s a 5-paragraph story so… yeap). We got 2 separate bedrooms. One is good for 6 people, which was meant for the guys to stay at and the other one that is good for 4 people, meant for the girls and gays. We were 10 and 9 of us went to check the beach after we settled everything with the reception as well as our things. One of the guys stayed at their room to get some sleep. And then after sleeping, he said that he had a nightmare and the light went off all of a sudden that he decided to leave the room and look for us. I was telling him to cut it off. The boys said they were just joking but little did we know, they just said it so we won’t be scared but it really did happen.

By the way, before I begin with my personal scary experience, I wanna say that the lock to the CR of our room is  broken. It wouldn’t lock unless you really push it hard. And beside the CR is the huge wooden cabinet with a big signage “DO NOT OPEN!!!”. So fucking scary! I am sorry I wasn’t able to take photos of it. I am scared. I don’t want to bring any of that at home. Hahaha!

I personally don’t believe in ghosts but I still get scared. So we all decided to not think about it until something happened to me. I can’t believe I would be the one to encounter something like that. We have been told that any stains on the sheets will cost 300-600 pesos depending on what sheet. (Towels – 500 yada yada yada). We all agreed that we’re not gonna use any of their towels because we’re afraid it might get a stain and we don’t have extra money to pay for it. We were very careful with the bed and pillow sheets too. But after swimming, we used the towels. Hahaha! There were a total of 4 towels provided and they were even shaped like a swan when we arrived. They were clean. No stains at all. I mean, we would know if there is a stain because we’re not blind, loljk. Fast forward, my girl friend and I took a bath together and we hang the towels on the bath and CR separator. After showering, of course, I wrapped the towel in me but not entirely though because the towel was too small to fit the big-ass body I have hahahaha! So I wrapped it in front and we told our gay friends to stay outside first because we’re gonna dress up. I actually did not wipe the towel on my body, I let my body air dry. When I took the towel off, there were blood stains on it. They were not big though but there were scattered on one corner end of the towel.

I was asking my friend to check if I have any open wounds but at that moment, I knew I don’t have any open wounds and the blood stains were not from me. I don’t have my period either and if I did, why the hell would I wipe the towel in my, you know. I was just trying distract myself from thinking of possible horrendous things to happen. I dressed up real quick and then we called our roommates who were clueless of what was going on inside. We showed them the stains and they smelled it. I smelled it myself too and I swear it smells like blood and there is no way that that is a rust because it was bloody red. It should have been orange-y if it was rust and the color died down after a few minutes. It turned to brownish-red. We didn’t show it to the staff because we were worried about the fees. We didn’t have extra money. They might turn tables with us so we decided to wash the towel with soap and luckily, it did go away.

Our guy friends didn’t know until dinner. They said it might be a set-up so we’d have to pay for it but it was impossible because it was fresh when we saw it and we should have seen it right off the bat when I opened the towel. We decided to sleep altogether in our mysterious room because it was bigger compare to the boys’ room. We just requested for an extra mattress that came with 2 pillows.

I know it was a long story. Sorry to bore you but it was really scary. I am having goosebumps while writing this. Hahaha! We then had our drinking session and played cards after dinner.

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Their food selection is pretty big. Not fairly cheap but the price is okay. We spent 1,200PHP+ for dinner and 1,400+PHP for this breakfast and that was good for 11 people already and half of us are biiiiiiiig. Including me. Hahaha! The rice is 25pesos for 1 serving. Now that’s pricey!

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Failed jump shot attempt before we leave the resort!
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Good bye, Casa Victoria Beach Resort! You will be missed despite the freaky experience you gave us.

We all have agreed upon that we will be passing by all the tourist spots on the way home and our first stop was the Bangui Windmills.

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The windmills are so humongous! It was so terrifying to go near it because it feels like anytime you come closer, it will hit you and you’d go along with it as it rotates. LOL

Not leaving the place without a solo picture!

No entrance fee to the Bangui Windmill.

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The stunning Kapurpurawan Rock Formation from afar!

Sadly, we don’t have photos near the rock formation because we didn’t bother walking all the way there because the sun was strikingly hot! We consumed a hellova ton of water bottles. No entrance fee too however, 5 minutes before you reach the entrance, you will be asked for fee which we were not informed what was for. We were certain that that cop will just use the money to buy himself a beer. Our driver said that there were only 7 of us and we’re all students(because we look young lol) so we only had to pay 10 peso each, total of 70php. That’s a fucking rip off. Don’t fall for their trap. It would just be unfortunate if your car is not tinted, though.

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Looks like we’re happy and having fun but we’re all sweaty and uncomfortable when this photo was taken.
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Talikod with peace sign = my famous pose

Our second to the last stop was Paoay church. We lighted candles and prayed. It was so amazing because there was a wedding going on when we entered and they were all wearing an old Filipino style dresses and suits. As usual, I wasn’t able to take photos.

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Out last stop was at Calle Crisologo, Vigan. That’s where we bought our pasalubongs but as soon as we arrived there, it rained cats and dogs. It was so disappointing because Calle Crisologo is so beautiful at night and since it rained, we were not able to take our group photo anymore.

It took us a 12-hour drive going back to Manila. We left on Sunday and arrived in Manila at 3AM. One of the squad celebrated her birthday inside the van because we were in the middle of the expressway at exactly 12-midnight so our driver just played a birthday song for her. All the stress of planning this whole trip out definitely paid off! It was so worth it.

Expenses for 10 pax:

  • Van – 15,600PHP (Gas and toll fee not included)
  • Gas and Toll Fee – 4,000 (we spent 4,000 only but I alot 7,000 for this)
  • Agua Seda Beach Resort (Blue Lagoon) – 5,500 (2 rooms)
  • Casa Victoria Beach Resort (Saud Beach) – 5,600 (2 rooms)
  • Food – 7,000 – 7,500 (sa food kami nagtipid)
  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon – 140(20peso each – we declared 7 people only)
  • Entrance to Kapurpurawan – 70(10peso each – we declared 7 people only)
  • One gallon of water – 250
  • Extra mattress – 400

= 3,906 per person but at the end of the trip, we’re left with 2500 pesos that we divided into 10 = 250pesos. 3.906 – 250 = 3656PHP. More of less 3,600 t0 3,700 per head. 

For van rental, you can search “Rent a Van with Otan” on Facebook. The driver was really kind and accommodating and very approachable. The car was clean and the air-condition is superb! He took all of our group photos. Driver + Tourist guide + Photographer all in one! Awesomesauce!