Reaction About: “13-Year-Old Who Killed Himself Over Bullying”

First off, I am extremely saddened by this news. How fucked up is the society for a 13-year old to have the courage of taking his own life?

Bullying is a serious matter that we should focus on. And by we, I meant as a government, as parents, as friends, as workmates, as a nation. It happens everywhere. It happens in school, in our community, at work, and sometimes, even at home. People don’t realize how serious others could be taking their words. A single statement can trigger anxiety and it could lead to depression which is another major problem that people often brush off. It is something to be taken seriously and I just can’t stress that enough. I battled with depression when I was in College. No one knew about it except the people who were following my blog(tumblr was my platform back then). No one noticed. My family thought I was just having an “attitude” because I was always in a bad mood. It was a huge help to know that I wasn’t the only one dealing with it. I got a lof of help and surprisingly, most of them came from people I met online. I was just lucky I was surrounded by good people who constantly gave me encouraging words.

Bullying can also be a form of a joke from a friend or anyone you’re close with. If there’s anything that your friend tells you that bothers you a lot, tell them straight up. Tell them you don’t like it when they do this and that. And if they tell you you’re a butthurt or you’re sensitive, I don’t think you should consider them as your friend in the first place. I say, stand up for yourself. No one’s gonna do that for you. Speak up. Ask for help. Don’t let the bullies tear you down.

This kid is just another revelation of how fucked up the society is. It’s just too unfortunate that it took one life for everybody else to realize how serious bullying can get. How many more lives will be put to waste for us to do something about this? For people to realize how their words and actions affect other people’s lives?


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