How’s Life Lately?

  • I went to Jomalig Island in Quezon Province last September 9th-11th. I haven’t been able to post a blog because I am having a hard time uploading the photos. Blame it on my sucky internet provider! (Hello, Sky Broadband!)
  • As of now, it’s been 8 days since my personal Facebook account has been deactivated. Why? I don’t know. Prolly because my anxiety has awoken after my Jomalig experience.
  • From 1,000+ photos on Instagram, it’s now down to 150 photos. I’ve always wanted to have a theme on my Instagram. I want it clean. And by clean, I meant, less selfies, more portraits, less non-instagram-looking photos, more beaches and nature. So I decided to delete a lot of photos that didn’t go with the theme that I wanted. It kinda broke my heart though. Those photos mean so much to me, hence being on my instagram account but I wanted to challenge myself. If I can’t let go of photos, how can I let go of things and people that are not meant to be in my life? Lol!
  • I’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead for weeks now. I’m on the 5th season now and I’m trying my best to finish it as well as the 6th season to catch up with the 7th season that is coming out on October!
  • Thrift shopping has been a constant weekly routine lately. I’ve been buying a lot of blazers! It sucks when you’re a blazer person and you live in a tropical country. Imagine the hassle!

That’s pretty much, I guess. Yeah, my life is boring. Hahaha! I will post my Jomalig experience anytime soon!


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