Never Settle For Less

“The Biggest Human Temptation is to settle for too little.”
– Thomas Merton

I know the title is so cliche and you probably have heard it a million times now but I still wanna share my thoughts about it.

Nowadays, I feel like people(It’s not just for women. It goes for everyone.) tend to settle for things and people that they don’t deserve. Out of what? Out of fear? Out of pressure from the society or their family or their friends? Out of desperation? Out of loneliness? I have no idea.

I think the problem is we keep searching and depending our happiness on things and on other people. If you’re looking for a love that is vast, unwavering, wide, pure and unconditional from the people around you, you’ll end up disappointed. People can’t give you that. But God can. Only God can. He’s given you that even before you began searching for it. That is the kind of love we should seek. That’s the kind of love that we deserve.


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