What’s the first thing you notice on this photo? Is it the ugly and rusted roof? Is it the nice and tall buildings at the far back? Or is it the beautiful sky above? I say life is how you look at it. Most times we feel like we can’t control how we feel but you know what? You have a choice on what you want to feel. Everyday, there are many things to be thankful for. It just depends on where you focus your mind and heart on. People are so obsessed into thinking that they live such a miserable life compare to others. That’s the problem. We compare our lives, the awful events that happened to us and the blessings that we are getting, we always compare it to what others are getting or going through but we don’t know everything about them. We only know what happens to ourselves and that’s the only thing we should focus on. Just pick up the beautiful things and leave the ugly ones behind. You have a say on what you wanna feel. You wanna feel happy today? You can do that. You just have to choose the bright things to look at.


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