1.) Learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it.
2.) God is your sole support system.
3.) Hustle. Pray. Repeat.
4.) Always give your best shot.
5.) Mistakes are your best teachers.
6.) Forgive.
7.) If you don’t have anything nice to say, try to keep it to yourself.
8.) Not everyone always needs your opinion the same way you don’t always need theirs.
9.) Stay grounded.
10.) Eye for the long-term goals.
11.) Surround yourself with positive people who direct you to the right path.
12.) Not everyone will believe in you but it’s important that you don’t stop believing in yourself.
13.) Never settle.
14.) Read more.
15.) Keep doing what you love as long as you’re not affecting other people negatively.
16.) You are enough and don’t let other people make you think otherwise.
17.) Don’t be afraid to be different.
18.) Walk away from toxic people, friendship, relationship or environment and don’t feel bad about it.
19.) Your happiness is important.
20.) Write again.
21.) You can keep your corporate job while doing what you’ve always been passionate about.
22.) Time management is key.


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