If there’s one thing that 13 Reasons Why(book version) made me realize, it is that I am not as mentally unhealthy as I thought I was. I sure am an over-thinker but what she went through is not something that would make me take my own life, I believe. I think I’ve gone through worse and I am still here. I am not, in any way, trying to invalidate her hardships or anyone else’s who went through the same thing as hers. It’s just that I feel like it is something I’d be able to bear, you know what I mean? I guess I’m stronger than what I give myself credit for.


Do you know how the Church always say “This year will be a breakthrough! Claim it!”? For the past couple of months, I was so lost and didn’t feel like any kind of breakthrough will come my way any time soon until yesterday, when I received this award and I received a very good news.

I keep saying I trust God because He knows what’s best for me. I do but I realized I didn’t trust Him 100% because at some point, I feared and I doubted. But you know what? He does know what is best for me and you. He knows the perfect timing because He has had it all planned out for us even before we were conceived. 

I know I worked so hard for this award but I would not have gotten this if God didn’t give me the strength and courage and wisdom as my weapons for the past 12 months. I managed to pick myself up because He picks me up. I can’t thank Him enough. I don’t deserve His blessings but He give them anyway. This award is all Him and all for Him!