I can’t believe I’m already 22 ✨

On May 10, which is my exact birth date, my family, close friends and I celebrated my birthday at a food park located along Aurora Blvd. I booked a reservation in Asan Si Diwa At Ila Seafood Grill Restaurant. It’s like a stand-alone resto inside a food park. 

The food was okay. The serving is a little bit disappointing because some of their good for 2 is actually just good for 1 person but that’s alright. You get what you paid for, I guess. Their binagoongan is really superb. We just find their lemonade a little too pricey. The staff is accommodating although a bit hard to find sometimes because there was only 1 person helping us out during the first 2 hours, I think. I spent 4000+ for 16 people. I can’t remember the exact amount. 

This is how the food park looks like when you enter it. There’s not much space for parking. I think only 1 car would fit in their tiny parking space. The ambiance is nice. It’s very instagram worthy and it’s not very crowded compared to other food parks. Well, I guess, you can consider the fact that this was taken on a Wednesdat night. Not sure if it gets very crowded on weekends.

Of course, we took a lot of photos. Like I told you, the place is very “instagrammable”. Hahaha! 

We then continued the celebration in one of my guy friends’ house to drink the night away.

Thanks to all these people for celebrating my birthday with me. 👌🏼❤️ And for the gifts! 


“don’t regret anything that made you happy”

3 months ago, my friend and i went to a remote island in zambales. on our second night, we decided to drink as we lie down on the sand, gazed at the stars while we exchange our life stories and swam to a pitch black sea. i got drunk and did some crazy shit(which, i will keep to myself). i ended up sleeping with beach sand in my jammies. as soon as we arrived in manila, i started getting sand flea bites and it drastically ruined my legs. i never had any scars in my legs before, ever. it stressed me out so bad and i cried a lot because it looked awful. all i can think about was i can never wear my shorts and short dresses anymore.
i felt so bad about it that i almost regretted having that amazing night beach experience where i did that one thing i’ve always wanted to do. now that i am thinking about it, if i could turn back the time, i would still have done everything i did that night despite getting my legs scarred because that was one of the best nights of my life. shit happens and the best thing to do is move on. i mean, my scars will fade over the years but what happened that night, i don’t get a lot of chances to do that. #noragrets