I miss the old me. I miss my old hobbies. Everything is so different now and I have yet to figure out if it’s a good kind of different or not.

I used to do so many things I don’t do now. I used to write. I used to compose songs and poems. I used to be creative. I used to edit photos on photoshop and spend hours and hours on it. Now, I just use a phone application and it takes, what? 2 minutes or maybe not even? I know it sounds lame to you but that looks like a complete turn-around for me and that’s how I can pretty much explain it.

Now I barely have the energy to come up with a simple blog post, except right now because my heads looks like it will explode anytime soon and I need to let go of all these thoughts. This is what I miss doing. Just expressing my feelings. This is what I am. This is what I have always loved to do.

I want my old life back.


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