1.) Learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it.
2.) God is your sole support system.
3.) Hustle. Pray. Repeat.
4.) Always give your best shot.
5.) Mistakes are your best teachers.
6.) Forgive.
7.) If you don’t have anything nice to say, try to keep it to yourself.
8.) Not everyone always needs your opinion the same way you don’t always need theirs.
9.) Stay grounded.
10.) Eye for the long-term goals.
11.) Surround yourself with positive people who direct you to the right path.
12.) Not everyone will believe in you but it’s important that you don’t stop believing in yourself.
13.) Never settle.
14.) Read more.
15.) Keep doing what you love as long as you’re not affecting other people negatively.
16.) You are enough and don’t let other people make you think otherwise.
17.) Don’t be afraid to be different.
18.) Walk away from toxic people, friendship, relationship or environment and don’t feel bad about it.
19.) Your happiness is important.
20.) Write again.
21.) You can keep your corporate job while doing what you’ve always been passionate about.
22.) Time management is key.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I had a love-hate relationship with 2016. But I can only remember all the good things that happened this year. It challenged me in so many levels. Everyone I’m close with can attest that I’m not a risk taker. I always feel the need to be 100% sure of how things are gonna go, beforehand. I fear failure so much that I hold myself back from trying new things. I’m always on the safe side. But 2016 pushed me out of my comfort zone in tremendously. And somehow, I’m proud of myself for that. I’ve accomplished quite a lot of short-term goals which I am very happy about! But in 2017, I’m gonna start eyeing for long-term goals and try my best to really make them happen! This year, it’s gonna be all about me. My growth, my future and everything in between. I am ready and I am positive that I am bound to conquer yet another year with God’s help!

I would not have survived 2016 without these people. They made it a lot more fun and worthwhile. I lost and gained new friends in and it’s bittersweet but that’s inevitable. I just really want to thank every single person who stayed by my side both in good times and the bad times. I am not entirely sure until when they’re gonna stick but they will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Happy, happy new year, everyone!!! 

What’s the first thing you notice on this photo? Is it the ugly and rusted roof? Is it the nice and tall buildings at the far back? Or is it the beautiful sky above? I say life is how you look at it. Most times we feel like we can’t control how we feel but you know what? You have a choice on what you want to feel. Everyday, there are many things to be thankful for. It just depends on where you focus your mind and heart on. People are so obsessed into thinking that they live such a miserable life compare to others. That’s the problem. We compare our lives, the awful events that happened to us and the blessings that we are getting, we always compare it to what others are getting or going through but we don’t know everything about them. We only know what happens to ourselves and that’s the only thing we should focus on. Just pick up the beautiful things and leave the ugly ones behind. You have a say on what you wanna feel. You wanna feel happy today? You can do that. You just have to choose the bright things to look at.

Never Settle For Less

“The Biggest Human Temptation is to settle for too little.”
– Thomas Merton

I know the title is so cliche and you probably have heard it a million times now but I still wanna share my thoughts about it.

Nowadays, I feel like people(It’s not just for women. It goes for everyone.) tend to settle for things and people that they don’t deserve. Out of what? Out of fear? Out of pressure from the society or their family or their friends? Out of desperation? Out of loneliness? I have no idea.

I think the problem is we keep searching and depending our happiness on things and on other people. If you’re looking for a love that is vast, unwavering, wide, pure and unconditional from the people around you, you’ll end up disappointed. People can’t give you that. But God can. Only God can. He’s given you that even before you began searching for it. That is the kind of love we should seek. That’s the kind of love that we deserve.

Bomber Jacket x White Sneakers

Would you believe that I bought this bomber jacket for 50php only? Yup. 50 freakin’ pesos. I bought it from a thrift store located in Cubao. This is such a closet staple! I can see myself using this over and over again. It’s so easy to pair with basically anything. 

I went for a black and brown smokey eye to pair with my jacket’s color. I cannot believe I could actually pull off a brown nude-ish lipstick. I’ve always worn reds and it’s a first time for me to get out of my comfort zone(lipstick-wise). 

  • Thrifted Bomber Jacket – 50php
  • Flowy Black Spaghetti inner top – 175php (overrun)
  • Leggings – 249php
  • Nude Bag – 1490php
  • Plain White Sneakers – 259php

How’s Life Lately?

  • I went to Jomalig Island in Quezon Province last September 9th-11th. I haven’t been able to post a blog because I am having a hard time uploading the photos. Blame it on my sucky internet provider! (Hello, Sky Broadband!)
  • As of now, it’s been 8 days since my personal Facebook account has been deactivated. Why? I don’t know. Prolly because my anxiety has awoken after my Jomalig experience.
  • From 1,000+ photos on Instagram, it’s now down to 150 photos. I’ve always wanted to have a theme on my Instagram. I want it clean. And by clean, I meant, less selfies, more portraits, less non-instagram-looking photos, more beaches and nature. So I decided to delete a lot of photos that didn’t go with the theme that I wanted. It kinda broke my heart though. Those photos mean so much to me, hence being on my instagram account but I wanted to challenge myself. If I can’t let go of photos, how can I let go of things and people that are not meant to be in my life? Lol!
  • I’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead for weeks now. I’m on the 5th season now and I’m trying my best to finish it as well as the 6th season to catch up with the 7th season that is coming out on October!
  • Thrift shopping has been a constant weekly routine lately. I’ve been buying a lot of blazers! It sucks when you’re a blazer person and you live in a tropical country. Imagine the hassle!

That’s pretty much, I guess. Yeah, my life is boring. Hahaha! I will post my Jomalig experience anytime soon!