The Mountain and The Ocean

There is a distinct difference between the mountain and the ocean β€” at least for me. The ocean makes me feel small. Not in a bad way but in a humbling way. It teaches me that my worries are nothing compared to the innumerable blessings laid before my eyes every single day of my life that I fail to notice and that the world does not revolve around me. Meanwhile, the mountain is empowering. It opened my eyes to abilities I thought I didn’t possess. If I can climb a mountain, there isn’t anything I cannot conquer, right? I am more able and tougher than I think. The nature, in whatever form, made me feel something when I’ve forgotten how to feel. It makes me feel alive.


Open Kitchen Food Truck, P. Tuazon Cubao, Quezon City


  • Place is nice, clean, cozy, and spacious (doesn’t get too crowded considering we went on a sunday afternoon)
  • instagrammable πŸ™„
  • has parking lot 
  • shittable yung CR β€” may bidet! Haha!
  • has acoustic band on select days
  • wide range of food choices
  • pwede mag smoke sa upper loft
  • maganda yung song choices β€” relax lang
  • pwede ka umupo anywhere, sila magdadala ng food mo sabihin mo lang saan kayo uupo


  • overpriced! hahahahahahahaha para sa katulad kong barat hahahaha pero kung burgis kayo, go pwede sa inyo to hahahaha mahal siya for me kasi ang liliit lang ng serving β€” at least for the ones we tried πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


  • masarap yung cucumber cooler juice and blue lemonade slush sa the juice joint!!! 10/10!!!
  • yung takoyaki sa taka ramen 0/10 HAHAHAHAHA di ko mawari yung lasa kung ganun ba talaga siya o ano. mataas standards ko sa takoyaki pero iba talaga lasa niya eh β€” di maganda tas 120php for 8pcs na maliit lang. nope.
  • hindi devil level yung anghang ng devil bites sa hotbites. and again, konti serving pero masarap naman. yung dip nila sa tater tots, nothing especial. i suggest wag na kayo mag add ng dip. sapat na yung isa. masarap yung garlic mayo. yung nacho cheese, saktuhan lang. POGI MAY-ARI KAYA DUN KAMI BUMILI WAHAHAHAHAHHA! CHAROT! 10/10 yung may ari! Wahahahh!!! De joke 8/10 yung food. 
  • yung lychee x tequilla cocktail ng inhibitions, masarap pero walang tama. nakakaantok lang bes hahahaha tas 320 hahaha tas add daw ng half the price kapag pinatapangan wahahaha! 8/10


  • Place – 10/10
  • Ambience – 10/10
  • Food – 7/10 (again because of the price and serving pero mukhang masasarap naman except takoyaki ahahaha)

Would I recommend? Yes. 

PS. Ang idea nila ng Open Kitchen is makikita mo sa harap mo yung pagluto/pagprepare nila ng food.They are open from 4PM to 12MN(Sunday to Thursday) & 4PM to 1AM(Fri-Sat)

when reality kicks in

when i graduated, sabi ko sa sarili ko, dapat may sarili na akong bahay, business, kotse and yada yada after 5 years of working tapos i should have my own family in the next 5 years after that. hahahahahaha nakakatawa. di manlang tinuro sa college na hindi pala ganon ang buhay. more than 3 years na ako nagttrabaho pero struggling pa din ako in maintaining the stability ng simpleng savings ko lang. hahahahaha!!! when i was in college, akala ko alam ko na lahat. looking back, sobrang wala pala akong alam.
and i think that’s the problem most of us struggle with nowadays. we give ourselves ultimatum. we let ourselves live in this idea na dapat at this age and that age, may ganto ka na, dapat ganyan ka na. that’s when the pressure and anxiety start to kick in. we forget to just enjoy the journey of getting to the end point of our success plan. lagi tayong nakatingin sa end goal kaya madalas, pakiramdam natin ang layo layo pa din.
we are so hard on ourselves. we don’t give ourselves enough credit. the fact that we’re working and trying hard(unless you’re not) to reach whatever we’ve set ourselves as goal/s, is enough. yung simpleng paghila sa sarili mong pumasok sa trabaho kahit ayaw mo na, pagod ka na, is a step closer to your goal.

I miss the old me. I miss my old hobbies. Everything is so different now and I have yet to figure out if it’s a good kind of different or not.

I used to do so many things I don’t do now. I used to write. I used to compose songs and poems. I used to be creative. I used to edit photos on photoshop and spend hours and hours on it. Now, I just use a phone application and it takes, what? 2 minutes or maybe not even? I know it sounds lame to you but that looks like a complete turn-around for me and that’s how I can pretty much explain it.

Now I barely have the energy to come up with a simple blog post, except right now because my heads looks like it will explode anytime soon and I need to let go of all these thoughts. This is what I miss doing. Just expressing my feelings. This is what I am. This is what I have always loved to do.

I want my old life back.

I can’t believe I’m already 22 βœ¨

On May 10, which is my exact birth date, my family, close friends and I celebrated my birthday at a food park located along Aurora Blvd. I booked a reservation in Asan Si Diwa At Ila Seafood Grill Restaurant. It’s like a stand-alone resto inside a food park. 

The food was okay. The serving is a little bit disappointing because some of their good for 2 is actually just good for 1 person but that’s alright. You get what you paid for, I guess. Their binagoongan is really superb. We just find their lemonade a little too pricey. The staff is accommodating although a bit hard to find sometimes because there was only 1 person helping us out during the first 2 hours, I think. I spent 4000+ for 16 people. I can’t remember the exact amount. 

This is how the food park looks like when you enter it. There’s not much space for parking. I think only 1 car would fit in their tiny parking space. The ambiance is nice. It’s very instagram worthy and it’s not very crowded compared to other food parks. Well, I guess, you can consider the fact that this was taken on a Wednesdat night. Not sure if it gets very crowded on weekends.

Of course, we took a lot of photos. Like I told you, the place is very “instagrammable”. Hahaha! 

We then continued the celebration in one of my guy friends’ house to drink the night away.

Thanks to all these people for celebrating my birthday with me. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ And for the gifts! 

“don’t regret anything that made you happy”

3 months ago, my friend and i went to a remote island in zambales. on our second night, we decided to drink as we lie down on the sand, gazed at the stars while we exchange our life stories and swam to a pitch black sea. i got drunk and did some crazy shit(which, i will keep to myself). i ended up sleeping with beach sand in my jammies. as soon as we arrived in manila, i started getting sand flea bites and it drastically ruined my legs. i never had any scars in my legs before, ever. it stressed me out so bad and i cried a lot because it looked awful. all i can think about was i can never wear my shorts and short dresses anymore.
i felt so bad about it that i almost regretted having that amazing night beach experience where i did that one thing i’ve always wanted to do. now that i am thinking about it, if i could turn back the time, i would still have done everything i did that night despite getting my legs scarred because that was one of the best nights of my life. shit happens and the best thing to do is move on. i mean, my scars will fade over the years but what happened that night, i don’t get a lot of chances to do that. #noragrets

If there’s one thing that 13 Reasons Why(book version) made me realize, it is that I am not as mentally unhealthy as I thought I was. I sure am an over-thinker but what she went through is not something that would make me take my own life, I believe. I think I’ve gone through worse and I am still here. I am not, in any way, trying to invalidate her hardships or anyone else’s who went through the same thing as hers. It’s just that I feel like it is something I’d be able to bear, you know what I mean? I guess I’m stronger than what I give myself credit for.